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Synopsis of Lettering.

/3 (beta),
y (gamma)

$ (delta),
il (eta).
8 (theta).
K (kappa).
M (mu).
r (//).
p (rho).
or (sigma).
r (tau).
<A (phi).
o> (omega).

Small Letters.

Coefficient of linear expansion in degrees Fahrenheit:

various angles.
Various angles.

„   .     r specific heat at constant pressure

Ratio of -£-—vj—-——-------- -   *     —-.

specific heat at constant volume

Deflection per inch length: £feet = ditto per foot


Angle of torsion.

Coefficient of jet contraction.

Coefficient of friction or tangent of friction angle.

3*1416 or ~: ratio of circumference to diameter.

Radius of curvature in bending: coefficient of resist-

Various angles.                                                [ance.

Absolute temperature in F°.

Angle of friction : entropy.

Angular velocity.


A      Total deflection in inches.
A*1    Total deflection in feet
2      ' Sum of.9


a    'Varies as/
>    Greater than.
<    Less than.

Parallel to; with fibre.
Across fibre.